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About Us

Just mention the word Disney and you can see it in people's eyes. They begin to remember the magic of the movies, the theme parks, and the characters that have been a part of their lives since childhood. It really is magical!

We are so proud to help our customers remember that magic by offering the rarest in Disney, entertainment, and NASCAR items. Whatever great collectible you are looking for, you will likely find it in our online store. Theme Park Connection is your connection to your dream collection!

It is our goal to inspire an emotional bond, memory or passion for our guests by sourcing unique or traditional items and committing to providing the best in customer experience, service and care to ensure they will want to come back to us time and time again.

We know that many of our customers visit the Walt Disney Theme Parks from all over the world and are looking for that extra special rare and unique souvenir that takes us all back to those magical moments. We have created this online store for our customers to purchase these treasured items. Whether it be from Buford, Wyoming all the way to Shanghai, China!


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