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Disney Cruise Line Animator's Palate Restaurant Clear Acrylic Tray Prop

  • $ 6999
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  • The Animator's Palate Restaurant on the Disney Magic Cruise Ship is designed to look like it is slowly being drawn and then colored in
  • Framed artwork on the walls begin as indecipherable sketches and then slowly complete themselves and color in
  • This clear, acrylic tray is a prop used by the servers at Animator's Palete
  • These are props used in the restaurant and not available for sale
  • Don't miss your chance to own a rare piece of the Disney Cruise Line!

Item Details:
  • Location: Disney Cruise Line
  • Medium: Thick Plastic Acrylic
  • Size: 17" x .25" x 
  • Condition:  Very Good, some wear from use; stock photos

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