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Universal Studios Florida E.T. ADVENTURE Original Vintage 1992 Attraction Used ADVENTURE PASSPORT Prop Card

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  • This is an original E.T. Adventure Passport prop from the beloved E.T. Adventure attraction at Universal Orlando!
  • E.T. Adventure was one of the original attractions at the park when it opened in June of 1990, and quickly became a resounding favorite among park-goers!
  • E.T. Adventure is is the last remaining unchanged original attraction from the 1990 opening of the park
  • The E.T. Adventure Passport was an integral part of one of the most exciting features of the ride when it opened - E.T. thanked you by name as you exited the ride!
  • This groundbreaking feature was one of the first widespread uses of interactivity in a major theme park attraction!

The E.T. Adventure Passport

  • The E.T. Adventure Passport is the card guests are given on their way into the interior queue after viewing the pre-show
  • Upon providing an "assistant" with their name, the assistant would program the Passport with the guest's name - ride attendants at the load area would collect the passport cards, which would be associated with each rider's name and would provide the input that would prompt E.T.'s farewell
  • The card is This particular passport was produced for and used at the attraction early on in the ride's existence, and features a 1992 Universal Studios Florida copyright date
  • An extremely rare and unique collectible from the early days of the classic Universal Orlando ride - these were not given out or sold to guests, and these are nearly impossible to find!

E.T. Adventure Original Pre-Show (E.T. gives Steven Spielberg E.T. Adventure Passport at 1:29)


  • Park:              Universal Orlando
  • Attraction:     E.T. Adventure
  • Exclusive:     Original Attraction Used Prop
  • Year:              1992 copyright date
  • Medium:        Laminated paper card
  • Dimensions: approx. 2.25" by 3.5"
  • Condition:    Very Good vintage condition, as pictured; surprisingly good condition for a 25 year old ride used card - color looks a little faded, but no significant wear to the edges, no wrinkles, creases, or tears, etc.


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