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Walt Disney 1982 Daisy Duck Merchandise WDI Color Model Art

  • $ 8999

  • 1982 Merchandise Concept Art
  • Created by Walt Disney Imagineering for Daisy Merchandise
  • Features Daisy Duck applying perfume
  • Color Model done in Colored Pencil with design notes
  • Sketch under the Color Model is done in black ink
  • Trademarked "Walt Disney Productions" (Pre-1986)
  • WDI Label on the back of the folder features the Artist and Design Campaign
  • Add this rare WDI art to your Disney collection!


  • Inspiration: Daisy Duck
  • Artist: Sarah Russell
  • Year: 1982
  • Material/Medium: Color Pencil, Black Ink
  • Size: 15" x 20" (With Folder)
  • Condition: No major signs of wear or damage on the artwork.

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